At Diaverum, we believe that everyone deserves a fullfilling life. For us this translates into one word: FREEDOM. Freedom to carry out normal daily activities, freedom to see your friends, your family and, above all, freedom to travel.

Diaverum has always been by the side of its patients, providing renal care for a better quality of life. We are therefore extremely proud to introduce our new format: "hotel dialysis by d.HOLIDAY", in partnership with the Ecoresort Le Sirenè.

From today, you can spend a holiday in the marvelous Gallipoli, in the beautiful Apulia, in a 3-star hotel fully equipped to offer you the best dialysis treatments. You will be constantly monitored, remotely, by a nephrologist from our clinic in Copertino, and by local nursing staff. Furthermore, the nearby public hospital of Lecce will respond prompty if needed.

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